Thursday, April 18, 2013

The most magical village

hogsmeade 1
hogsmeade 2
three broomsticks
gilderoy lockhart
owl post
hog's head
barrel of butterbeer
honeydukes side view
wizarding equipment
Adjacent to Hogwarts is captivating wizarding village Hogsmeade, where we dilly dallied away the majority of our time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. How could we not, with the array of oogle-worthy store displays and barrels of butterbeer just sitting in the middle of the thoroughfare? After we ate pretty decent British fare at The Three Broomsticks, I drank in all of Hogsmeade's details that were painstakingly aligned to those described in the books (Quirky tricks at Zonko's! Wizarding wear at Gladrags! Published works by Gilderoy Lockhart!), while the husband happily guzzled down two frothy mugs of butterbeer - frozen butterscotch-tasting ice cream float goodness. It was jolly grand fun to poke around inside the stores too, but that shall surface in a future post.

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  1. This is incredible!! What a magical experience. Love the roof tops, great pictures!!!

  2. I'm so incredibly jealous. I love Harry Potter and yes I was also one of the fanatical people that queue up on the day of the release to get my hands on the book.
    Looking forward to more pictures of your visit :)

  3. Oh,harry potter world! One lucky lady! My family went two years ago, abd they loved it! The photographs you took look amazing!
    Lindsey Louise

  4. I WANT TO GO HERE!! Your blog has caused me to add a lot of things to my bucket list :)

  5. This looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I want to try butter beer so badly!

  6. Amazing photos! I so want to go to try the butter beer!
    xoxo Aimee

  7. Butter beer is sooo good! I miss it so much!

  8. I've never tried butter beer before. Would love to try. That place looks magical.

  9. Seriously - I want to go there!! Ah!! I was married in Orlando and I am seriously trying to convince my husband to spend an anniversary there. Nothing says love like a Harry Potter theme park. :)

  10. so butterbeer, i assume there is no beer in it right?? the menu of fish and chips and cornish pasties, yum! my mouth is watering. this amusement park looks so fun

  11. Loooove the photos, butter beer!! New post on my blog --->

  12. What an enchanting place! I don't think I would want to leave lol :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. The minute I saw the first picture I called my kids down to see this post. They keep going back to it. So if you see your stats are skyrocketing for views per day it's undoubtedly the Klippel kids. :) My kids love Harry Potter, my oldest daughter read the series five times and she has four or five notebooks filled with Harry Potter "research." I'm trying to find a Harry Potter trivia game show because she would win in it. Seriously. :)

    This is so fun! We will get there one day. You two are on the move!!! So fun. Helen thank you for reading my blog posts, it's such an honor to have people like you as an audience. Have a great weekend.

    Shauna xo

  14. I really wanna visit! looks fun :)

  15. What a blast!! It sounds like you guys are having a marvelous time!

  16. i want go to butterbeer! really wanna visit there, looks so fun <333


  17. fun fun fun! I've never gotten into harry potter, but by the following I would guess it's worth the effort. so glad you guys are having a fun vacation!

  18. Butterbeer was so delicious. I am totally enjoying your pictures from Orlando!

  19. I've always wanted to try butterbeer! You're just making me want to go there more and more!

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  21. That butterbeer looks pretty weird, haha. I have no idea what a float is, but I've seen it on other blogs before. I should search a tasty looking float recipe on Pinterest and make it to see what it actually is ^^ x

  22. These pictures are amazing! I love your blog!


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