Monday, October 21, 2013

Our first family day at the pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch 1
wearing serene
serene asleep in ring sling
pumpkin patch 3
alex holding serene
galavanting the pumpkin patch
alex kissing serene
serene sleeping at pumpkin patch
helen kissing serene
serene's socks 1
arriving at pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch 4
helen looking at serene
serene's socks 2
sunflowers close up
family picture at pumpkin patch 2013
pumpkin patch 2
serene in sling
Alex recently instituted Mondays as our family days, so we tarried away our very first family day today at the local pumpkin patch. Our gallivant to, at, and from the patch lasted for a mere hour since I'm still not wholly at ease leaving our little home for too long with a two and a half week old newborn (and with postpartum recovery still ensuing).  Nevertheless, we're looking forward to instilling this pastime as an annual family tradition. Last year, Alex and I visited the same pumpkin patch for the first time as married folks. This year, we swung by for the first time as a family of three. It was a swell time moseying around the field together while wearing our little miss. Serene slept like a log through the entire adventure, which oft occurs when she is well fed and is then cuddled snugly in a sling. We like to think that she'd fancy the expansive pumpkin-dotted field (and her little pumpkin hat) indicating the highly anticipated fall season if she were awake. In any case, she got some sunbathing in, and we got some family pictures out of the sweet affair.


  1. Ohh look at your little sweet little pumpkin, Helen!!! with her cute hat and all! <3

  2. Aw, these are the sweetest pumpkin patch photos ever! Serene is seriously adorable and I'm so glad that you got some family photos and some sweet family time together. :)

  3. Its all so cute I can't even stand it. Love all of the pictures. Your daughter is precious and perfect as she should be. Love,

    Shauna xo


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