Wednesday, December 11, 2013

At the Christmas tree farm

Serene Joy Hong 2013 12-13
Serene Joy Hong 2013 12-32
Serene Joy Hong 2013 12-69
Serene Joy Hong 2013 12-86
Over the weekend, we made a highly anticipated excursion to the same local tree farm as last year, where a kind soul blessed us with our very first Christmas tree as married folks - an unforgettable deed in our books that shall have us intending to return every year to chop down our tree for the winter holiday. While we scored an 8-foot evergreen beauty to lug home, we also took our very first official family pictures there. We were a tad nervous because 1) we had never done so before (with a 9-week-old babe), 2) it was intensely nippy so we were anxious about Serene freezing, and 3) we woke Serene up from her nap so her half-asleep self was not in the mood for picture-taking. However, the amazingly talented Daniela Rey was so sweet, efficient, and so pro during the session that we had a jolly time. We are absolutely smitten with the photos she shot of our little  family. It makes me wish she could be there at all of our future outings to capture memories for us - haha! We had tons of fun, and I can't wait to use some of these photos for our first family Christmas card this year. If any of you lads or ladies are scouting for a photographer to take your family pictures, or any lifestyle/event photos in general, you must contact Daniela at her website or on Facebook!


  1. These pictures are so heartwarming. What a cool thing to do a session at tree farm, especially one that has a history for you guys. The shot of your Serene from over your shoulders is my favorite. Beautiful!

  2. These photos are so sweet! I I love the last two photos and the photo of Alex holding Serene and your hand on top. Okay, I actually love them all. :) What a beautiful, beautiful family!

  3. You are just the most beautiful family on earth! And so blessed!

  4. love the detail and beauty of these pictures.... so stunning and beautiful! They are going to be a treasure for EVER! Merry special Christmas!!

  5. these are gorgeous pictures. great way to keep memories.


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