Monday, January 6, 2014

Our spontaneous Downton tea-v party

downtown season 4 premiere
Did any of you catch the season 4 premiere of Downton Abbey? We're unabashed fans of Downton,.and it  is pretty much the only show Alex and I watch together. Alex has literally been counting down the days until this season's premiere since last season's finale; he loves it so much that when it dawned upon me last year that we were pregnant, I felt I had to wait until after that evening's episode of Downton was over before I could break the news to him. We don't have television in our little home, so we customarily watch shows after their air date on the projector when we can stream them online. I thought it'd be fun to celebrate the premiere with a spontaneous tea party a la Downton accompanied by tasty edibles we already had on hand: smoked salmon and sharp cheddar on wheat crackers, choco-covered strawberries, apple pie, chocolate-covered shortbread cookies, and apple slices.

It was also nice to unwind tonight since we've all been transitioning to my being back at work full-time since last Thursday. Serene has not been adjusting as well as we'd hoped. Since the prior update from last week, she commenced this week by crying as relentlessly as ever with her daddy today, rejecting the bottle and drinking less than 2 oz during the 10 hours I was gone today.I know we must persevere because there is no way around bottle-feeding while I'm at work, but it's been making us so sad. And the anxiety I now feel being away from her for so long is pretty excruciating...I need tons of God's grace. Hoping that each new day will be easier for Serene than the last. I'd appreciate any advice from you mamas out there on transitioning back to work and making bottle-feeding easier on a breastfed babe!


  1. Your tea parties always look awesome!

    I found that adjusting is the hardest part the first couple of months... but it gets better. I think. lol.

  2. My second son was a reverse cycler, wouldn't eat that much from the bottle during the day, but nursed a lot at night. I got used to going into work with very little sleep and managed to function.
    Another option to attempt is test different bottles/nipples to see if she takes to one better.
    It's hard especially the first few weeks. Not only with her, but managing work, taking breaks to pump, lack of sleep, etc etc. You will get in the groove though and have a routine within a few weeks. Hang in there!


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