Friday, May 23, 2014

A lovely, happy medium

lovely polka dot baby skirt
lovely polka dot baby skirt
stuffed heart baby toy
I made this cheery skirt for Serene a while back out of a classic navy polka dot print that goes with nearly everything. I intended to sew two funky heart-shaped pockets onto it, similar to position of the pockets on this mommy-made skirt, but it didn't look right. So I scrapped that idea and ended up sewing one of the hearts onto the skirt as an embellishment, and stuffed the other heart with polyfil so that Serene has another travel-sized toy. I played around with the amount of material for this skirt - it isn't as flouncy as the reversible circle skirt, but not as narrow as the A-line skirt. This one is a lovely, happy medium. Our little miss has worn it a few times since its creation, as seen on her during our Mother's Day outing. I used to feel like I had to execute on my vision each and every time I made something, but I think I'm more inclined towards improvising along the way now. Things don't always turn out looking as planned - mess-ups, crooked hems, and trashed projects are bound to happen, but I continue to learn that that's okay. Sometimes more than okay, because, in the case of this polka dot skirt, Serene wound up with not only a skirt, but also a toy.

Speaking of creating, I am so thrilled for dear friend Ruby who has officially released her book of crafty brilliance! Let's Sew Together is bursting with legit projects for mamas and their little ones to embark on with one another. So encouraged by God's grace in Ruby's life through this whole process. I've witnessed (in small measure) her work so painstakingly hard these past two years to whip this all into existence. God has truly blessed her with a great gift in crafty endeavoring, and now we all get to tap into her creativity with our little one(s). I can't wait until Serene is old enough for us to create together!

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