Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet motherhood

serene goes cherry picking at 33 weeks
I've so much to learn in this amazing, nutty world that is motherhood, and I'm so blessed to share my thoughts on this gift thus far for the Sweet Motherhood series on Leah's heartfelt and encouraging blog, Beautifully Molded. Check it out here. Have a lovely weekend, laddies and ladies!


  1. thanks for your comment in my anniversary's post.glad that you stopped by..i had read the post in beautifully molded.and i agreed with each words that you mentioned there..know what?before this i had terrible fear for babies..i even told my man that babies are not meant for us and let's us stay as two persons forever in out life.i'm not sure why and when in this year i started to change my mind.babies are the cutest in this world and nothing can beat the cuteness of them. and i started to love, i told my man that we should start our family soon once we got our house.and your blog did the justice too..thanks

    xo josephine c.

  2. i will go visit! where do you get her little headbands from? and how is serene so well behaved that she keeps them on? ;)


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