Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Puppy love

serene's handmade puppy purse
serene's handmade puppy purse
Serene has an affection for puppies (or small dogs that look like puppies). Ever since she was about six months, she lights up at the sight of the furry creature. She will always unabashedly attempt to pet a dog with a silliest laugh or smile on her face. Admittedly, she'd often end up slapping its face or grabbing its tail, but her affectionate intentions are apparent. So much so that her sixth word spoken was "pah-pee" (puppy). I've also noticed her inclination to accessorize since she was about ten months. She will often go to her room, fish out her mommy-made scarf and put it around her neck, then pick up her sand bucket and pull it up onto her shoulder like a purse so she can amble around and play in style, all while looking simultaneously cute and ridiculous.

As I was brainstorming a gift I could make her for Christmas, I thought about making a puppy purse. I've been seeing cute kitty and fox-faced purses, socks, and similar accessories for kiddos, so I whipped up a simple puppy-faced purse for our little love. I used off-white vintage feedsack for the front and back of the purse, lining the inside with a bright pop of cotton fabric. I used tan felt for a spot of color on the puppy's face and then embroidered a simple, jolly face on the front. I found some wool felted ribbon in my stash and used it as the purse strap. It was a simple project that took me less time than I thought it would, especially since I sewed it while Serene colored and played one afternoon. I'm debating whether to stuff the little purse with goodies like a stocking since we don't have stockings up. I'm thinking Serene would love finding snacks, a headband, or a small toy within when she unwraps it.


  1. Okay this is the most darling thing ever. Does your machine embroider? Are you happy with your machine? I am looking for a new one. Do you have any suggestions? I love this. Where do you get your fabric? You must order a lot of it online, yes? Talk soon,

    Shauna xoxo

    1. hi shauna!! nope, my machine doesn't embroider. i just do it by hand. i have a singer inspiration and i don't know how to use it to its full capability, but i love what i can do with it (pretty much sew a straight line all the time HAHA). i used to have a small brother before the singer, but i like the singer much better. i don't know anything else though, so i am definitely no expert! what do you use? you are so talented!!! and in terms of fabric, i collect a lot of vintage fabrics/tablecloths/linens from flea markets or thrift shops. also buy some online, or at a local discount fabric store. hope that helps!!! :)


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