Friday, January 30, 2015

No-sew felt circle garland

no sew felt circle garland
I'm a big fan of garlands, particularly of the felt circle variety. I made one for a friend's baby shower and another for Serene's first birthday bash. Part of the one I used at Serene's party now adorns our living room. I remember seeing sewn felt circle garlands elsewhere a long time ago. I didn't want to sew since the garlands had to be pretty long, so I made no-sew versions instead. It's a great way to use up felt scraps. The result is just as pretty as a sewn garland, but is much simpler to accomplish! no sew felt circle garland
You'll need felt in as many colors as you'd like, scissors, twine (or string), and a bit of tape. no sew felt circle garland
First, cut circles out of your felt. I folded each big sheet of felt into multiple layers and cut circles out freehand. Don't worry if the circles are not completely sew felt circle garland
no sew felt circle garland
Next, fold each felt circle in half and cut two slits in the center perpendicular to the sew felt circle garland
When you unfold the felt circle, you should have two little slits that are wide enough for your twine to pass through. no sew felt circle garland
Now take one end of your twine and wrap a piece of tape tightly around it. This gives your twine more rigidity, which allows you to thread your felt circles more easily. no sew felt circle garland
Thread your twine through each felt circle, going under one slit and over the other. no sew felt circle garland
Keep threading until you're satisfied with the length of your garland. You can move each felt circle equal distance from one another, or you can clump some together and distance others so that it's more random (like I did, as seen in the first picture of this post). no sew felt circle garland
That's it! You now have a sweet and simple garland to spruce up any space. I'm thinking it would be just as lovely with different shapes: hearts: triangles, diamonds, etc. Now I'm itching to make one to decorate the kids' room for when our littler love arrives and shall eventually share a room with his big sister.


  1. i have to make this! you made it look incredibly easy! this is so cute...i really want to make this and hang in my babys nursery. xo

    p.s your home looks should do a home tour.

    1. YAY! you totally should! it will look soo cute in your son's nursery! hope your pregnancy is going splendidly, by God's grace :)

      p.s. you are too sweet!!

  2. wow,this is easy! i will try out soon too.thanks for sharing

    xo joselovincolors


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