Monday, October 12, 2015

Felt and fabric play food

felt and fabric play food
play food - felt and fabric broccoli
play food - felt and fabric turnips
play food - felt corn on the cob
play food - felt and fabric strawberries
play food - felt spinach
play food - felt and fabric mushrooms
play food - felt and fabric watermelon
We gave Serene a play kitchen for her birthday (on which I'll do a separate post soon). My favorite part about preparing her gift was making play food to supplement the kitchen accessories she received. I decided to sew play versions of some fruits and veggies not included in her produce set. I was inspired by the stuffed strawberries in dear Ruby's book, so I went off that to make strawberries, along with broccoli florets, turnips, an ear of corn, spinach leaves, mushrooms, and a watermelon slice out of felt, fabric scraps, and polyfil. I love the sweet quirkiness and uniqueness the fabric scraps add to the pretend food. I experimented with dimensions and patterns for each softie; there were plenty of mess-ups before coming up with the end products. Thankfully, Serene seems to be enchanted by the results as much as I am. I'm thinking about whipping up other pretend eats Serene loves but doesn't yet have for her play kitchen, perhaps for Christmas.


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