Thursday, April 20, 2017

Letters to Reverie: 1 month

reverie hope at 1 month
My dear Reverie Hope,

Oh, to remember. This is my hope when I embark on these letters. To remember all that you are because time is a thief that brings about change after change. And so, I pause to record and process all the grace that is you. I pray I am granted the perseverance to accomplish this every month of your first year of life. I have been remarking that the growth from 0 to 1 month of life is the most significant. You change and grow every day, which is why I took so many pictures the first month of your life. I'm astounded by how much you've grown since your birth day. I think you're 8 lbs, maybe almost 9 lbs now. You wear newborn clothes but they are more fitted these days than they were when you first arrived home.

At the same time, I can't believe you've only been here one month because it feels as if you have always been a part of our family. My sweet girl, we are so happy you're here. You bring our family together in the sweetest way. Your older sister and brother are in love with you, always running to be by your side and exclaiming over you. Your daddy constantly comments on how sweet you are. You cry only when you're hungry or tired. And what lungs you have already! Otherwise, you are content to stare wide-eyed at us and your surroundings if you're not sleeping peacefully. When you sleep, you grunt like a little squirrel and your hands always find a way to make themselves up by your head, no matter if you're swaddled or not. You adore sleeping snuggled up against my side so that you're as close to me as possible. However, you mostly sleep anywhere: in your rocker, in the Moses basket, on our bed, but you sleep fastest when you're worn in a wrap or sling. You knock out in a few minutes whenever I plop you in there. As I write this, you're sound asleep with your mouth wide open in the ring sling, inhaling and exhaling little puffs of air. I love being able to hold you close and kiss you whenever I want. I marvel at your wee and delicate features: your itty bitty hands and feet (you have long fingers and toes, perhaps like me), your soft jet-black hair that I hope you don't lose in the coming days, your pink lips that curled into a smile for the first time at 3 weeks of age, your arms and legs that flail jerkily when we're not holding you close or when you're not swaddled, and your beautiful eyes that stare dreamily into the distance.

You're an efficient eater. You didn't have jaundice like your siblings; praise God. You nurse quickly on one side per feeding. I am so thankful nursing has been such a good experience with you thus far. You feed on average every three hours, even in the night, which means you're waking about 3 times a night to eat. Once this month, you slept a straight 6 hours though, which I hope will occur more often. You don't love the pacifier, although you'll reluctantly take a Soothie.

I love your newbornness, little one. Your froggy legs, your full-body stretches, your gigantic yawns, your milk-drunk grins, your endearing sleepiness, and your precious littleness. This has been the fastest, sweetest month. I keep telling you not to grow up as I hold you close, but I know it doesn't work. Instead, I shall try to cherish every stage, for this is but a season. A precious gift from the Lord. My heart swells at the sight and thought of you. We love you so much, Reverie, and pray you'll know this and how you are infinitely loved by your creator God in Christ Jesus.

Love you so,

P.S. Reverie at 0 months and her birth story.

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