Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fancies: because fathers make us feel all fizzy inside

Or is it fuzzy? Father's Day is just around the corner, and I hope you all have something jolly grand planned for the dashing dad(s) in your life. Do you call your father "pop"? I don't, but I reckon it is an all together charming term of endearment that is reminiscent of a simpler, sweeter, and more nostalgic era. Much like this vintage soda pop memento you can lavish upon the pop in your life, if you are so inclined.
vintage soda pop for your pop
bird's-eye vintage soda pop
funkily wrapped with twine
you're the greatest pop ever
so thankful for a pop like you
Vintage Soda Pop for Your Pop
Vintage-inspired glass soda bottle beverage (I used IBC cream soda and root beer via my local grocery store)
(Baker's) twine
Manila tag

1. On the manila tag, articulate in a few words how much your pop means to you. Stamp "pop" within your note as an obvious play on words. You can also stamp the date of Father's Day if you so desire.
2. Wrap soda bottle with (baker's) twine in a funky fun, asymmetrical fashion.
3. Attach manila tag to soda bottle and bestow it upon your precious pop!

Happy weekend, friendly fellows and lovely ladies. Not only shall we be celebrating our poppas this weekend, but we will also be commemorating my love's birthday! Needless to elaborate, it's going to be supremely swell.

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