Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amateur gardening

Remember how I divulged in an earlier post that I'm a-dreaming of a bountiful garden? I had mentioned it in passing the week prior to some chummies, and a dear friend sweetly surprised me with these not too long afterward.
basil seeds against vintage air mail envelope
basil seeds
Bitty basil seeds! We're veritable fans of the fresh culinary herb around these parts. Another friend sagely advised that I commence with herbs if I am attempting to cultivate a green thumb, so this thoughtful gift is downright perfect.
basil seedlings
I planted the teeny basil seeds in one of many vintage French tins from our wedding and am all ajitter with anticipation to observe these seedlings sprout. vintage tin birds-eye
vintage tin
Perhaps I'll document weekly progress. How quickly does basil grow, anyhow? Gardening tips are necessary and therefore very welcome.


  1. Hi Helen!!! :) Thanks for your comment, you are always so encouraging, and I miss you a lot!! I am beyond excited about the possibility of Alex preaching at CrossView! Hopefully the four of us can still have a double date regardless.

    I am dying to have a garden too! What a thoughtful gift. The only plant hasn't died under my care is my basil plant actually, hahaha, and I know you will be a lot better than me.. just don't over water! :)

  2. they sprout pretty quickly! don't cover the seeds with too much dirt and make sure the soil is moist but not too drenched. :)

  3. Taking care of plants is so fun!


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