Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Joyous Day: first look

I can't fathom why, but I was nursing a mild case of butterflies to see my love for our first look. Perhaps it was all the anticipation building up to the moment? We tarried a while before we got situated at our venue, and the Mister was found playing with our vintage croquet set while we figured out specifically where we would be enacting our first look. One of his groomsmen urged him along with "Alex! Let's go. You are here to get married. You are not here to play croquet." Once our talented photographer, Christian Cruz, positioned us both, he encouraged us to hold a normal conversation (as ordinary as wedding day dialogue goes). The first thing the Mister proclaimed was, "Vintage!" Well, the nerves vanished right then. In fact, I just reveled in that time to laugh and share in the especially special and sweet moment with my love before the ceremony where we would be pronounced husband and wife.first look 1, christian cruz photography
first look 2, christian cruz photography
first look 3, christian cruz photography
first look 4, christian cruz photography
first look 5, christian cruz photography
first look 6, christian cruz photography
first look 7, christian cruz photography
helen smiling, christian cruz photography
I was giddy to behold my dashing love in his wedding get-up. We got his charcoal gray suit and tweed herringbone vest here, his light blue pinstriped shirt here, his navy and red striped bowtie here, and his shoes here. My dear bridesmaid, Ruby, painstakingly assembled all of our gorgeously chipper bouquets and boutonnières. We had each of our bouquets embellished with a vintage handkerchief from the collection I had been amassing over the years, which I used a plethora of throughout the ceremony and reception.smiling & bouquet, christian cruz photography
against church, christian cruz photography
A&H vintage couch, christian cruz photography
A&H looking down, christian cruz photography Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on our winsome wedding party!

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  1. helen! you look stunning! absolutely beautiful :) these are so sweet!

  2. you look so good together... :)

  3. super cool for reals ate helen. for the reals. I wish all the pictures that people take of me would have you and alex in them because you guys look super cool for reals. I'm flabberghasted to the maximum. My amazement is ineffable.


  4. AWWWWWW im soooo happy for you two!! :DDDD alex looks really cute in the pics!

  5. The most beautiful bride in the whole world!


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