Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Joyous Day: greatest wedding party of all time

The Mister and I are extremely blessed to have the wonderful ladies and gents that consist of the Greatest Wedding Party of All Time (GWPOAT) in our lives. They have contributed significantly to who we are as individuals, for they have each inspired and encouraged us in innumerable ways throughout the years. We dubbed them the GWPOAT because the Mister himself is referred to as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) via professional paintball, which he played since he became pro at sixteen until he retired a few years ago (he played for this team and even had a veritable fan club!). It really meant so much that the GWPOAT stood beside us on our Joyous Day, especially because some had to miss a pro paintball tournament, some had to fly in from all corners of the world, and some had to postpone their plans to permanently move across the country and across the world for it. Learn more about the dearest of them all at our wedding website here. bridal party staggered, christian cruz photography
My bridesmaids are utterly captivating inside and out, and they were thoroughly lovely in their wedding gear. I had my bridesmaids select 1940s-esque vintage dresses in buttercup yellow or French blue, while my maids of honor donned cherry red. They all purchased their dresses from a thrift store, here, or here. I wanted for their dresses a variety of floral patterns, as well as solids; lace, as well as cotton; straight hems, as well as scalloped hems; all in varying shades of my most favored primary colors. They all wore cream-colored, t-strap/ankle-strap, peep-toe heels to offset their bright frocks, and most boasted pin curls as well. bridal party on vintage couch, christian cruz photography
The groomsmen emanated spiffy grandeur that day. We procured their faded cornflower blue shirts here, their tweed herringbone vests here, their charcoal gray pants here, and their navy wool bowties here. Like I divulged in my post yesterday, my dear bridesmaid, Ruby, fashioned all of our whimsical bouquets and boutonnières. We spruced up each bouquet with a vintage handkerchief, which was a detail I adored.groomsmen in a row, christian cruz photography
What better pose for the gentlemen than one the Mister often busts out as the self-proclaimed Gun Show? gun show groomsmen, christian cruz photography
They make a cheery cohort, don't they? wedding party smiling, christian cruz photography
wedding party kiss, christian cruz photography All photographs courtesy of our amazing photographer, Christian Cruz. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on our much-awaited ceremony!

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  1. I love how colorful we are! You are amazing lady :)

  2. Anna Lizabeth posted about your beautiful wedding pictures...and she was right! Gorgeous!

  3. I saw Anna Lizabeth's post about you and had to come see your pictures. They are beautiful! You have exquisite taste.


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