Monday, July 30, 2012

A tea-riffic bridal shower

scrapbooking area
vintage tablecloth wall
wire heart instax holder
bridal shower scrapbook
food tables
down the staircase
cho sisters
doilies on windowpanes
vintage hankie bunting lining staircase
vintage milk glass vase
shoes on deck
vintage hankie bunting lining deck
lounge area on deck
moustaches and lips
games and eating
irene happy
makeshift photobooth
photobooth props
irene bouquet vase
photobooth 1
photobooth 2
photobooth 3
photobooth 4
irene's bridal party
Dear friend Irene's bridal shower up in NorCal over the weekend was a bona fide blast. We tried to adhere to her preferences for pastel colors and hearts as we planned her garden tea party-themed shower. Her fiancé's backyard was a wonderland that boasted amazing levels for partitioned scrapbooking, food, photobooth, and lounging/games areas. I am intensely partial to event planning, particularly envisioning the prettifying of spaces with themed decor (my husband does not love it as much; the poor guy nearly cries every time he has to stuff the car with knick-knacks and decorative things to prep for an event): we used vintage hankie bunting from our wedding to line the weathered fence, staircase, and deck; pastel and lace tablecloths to spruce up the furniture; vintage milk glass vases bursting with fresh flora to accentuate tables; delicate doilies and tissue paper hearts to embellish windowpanes; and an amalgamation of vintage tablecloths, lace, and fabric to construct a makeshift photobooth. The photobooth was my favorite feature, as sweet guests made use of time-honored props to immortalize fun memories with the bride-to-be. Cheers to teamwork with the bridal party; we love our lovely friend and cannot wait for her to tie the knot in less than three weeks!


  1. this look absolutely stunning and so much fun!

  2. wow, how pretty-, i love the photobooth area and what a beautiful place to have a shower too! excited for irene getting married soon, and yay! i see Tiff and Becky there too! :) :)

  3. I am really biased, but I think my wife is the greatest bridesmaid of all time. She's so creative and has an eye for making things beautiful! =)

  4. i love your dress! may i ask where you got it from??

    such a pretty bridal shower. thank you for the inspiration <3

    1. you are so sweet; thank you so much! my dress is was actually given to me by my dear friend, the bride-to-be, and she suggested i wear it to her shower :)

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