Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fancies: blue skies

lifeguard station
birds and fence
seagulls flying into horizon
sunset, bolsa chica
There is nothing like expansive cerulean skies that instill in me a sense of awe. They always remind me of how very miniscule I am in this very big world. And of God's great, incomprehensible love for us, for if he cares for the birds in the air, how will he not also care all the more greatly for us? I have been learning of late that I really must trust that our faithful God provides. He always has, exponentially more than we need. Thankful for these intermittent indications through creation, and through my dear husband who never fails to point me to Christ in every circumstance. I read an encouraging article this week that defines true marital compatibility, to which we can attest in our marriage thus far. Happy Friday, you cheery lot! It has been a strenuous but amazing week. Today is the final day of our church's Vacation Bible School, so we shall be culminating with an evening graduation filled with winsome kiddos and their families. Looking forward to recharging this weekend, for sure!


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