Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old towns

old towne orange
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country roads antiques
window shopping
hazel's birthday
Old towns are so captivating, wouldn't you agree? I have a grand time traipsing through thoroughfares comprising a city's historic core, for they whisper of life in simpler eras past. And imagining the families, couples, schoolchildren, and older citizens from long ago enjoying the very same soda fountain, shoppes, movie theater, and bustling town square. It's disheartening to return to an old town to see well-loved establishments torn down and replaced by the omnipresent Starbucks, or some other gentrified landmark. All of which prompts me to support our local mom and pop shops all the more, so we were gratified to celebrate a dear friend's birthday in Old Towne Orange last week, a historic district we love and call our favorite (as featured in our save-the-date video).

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  1. I love old towns too and hate to see their character destroyed and replaced with cookie cutter chains. oh the wheels of "progress."
    this looks like such a pretty town :o)


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