Monday, September 10, 2012

A fair time of year

free admission
la county fair boothtops
deep fried veggies
turkey leg
heritage square, la county fair
alex's beef brisket
swings, la county fair
A&H la county fair 2012
nighttime, la county fair
We anticipate the fair every year (Who would pass up an excuse to indulge in overpriced junky grub?), and this year, we scored free admission by donating to their book drive. We habitually go with friendly folks, but we went as a duo on our date night this time around. Two years prior during a group outing at the fair, the Mister tried to get his game on by buying and sharing with me a turkey leg, but this year, he revealed his true colors and dismissed the turkey leg to nab his highly esteemed beef brisket. I guess when you're married, you don't have to pretend to share the other person's preferences anymore - haha! It was also the first time we actually scoured the entire fairplex and discovered the plethora of baby animals, including zebras and wallabies! They were out-of-this world amazing. Such a fun-filled evening, especially because we also went on the sky ride for the first time that allowed us to float precariously above an aerial view of the bustling grounds.


  1. cute turkey leg story {and pics} haha :]

  2. love the turkey leg photos! =D cute.

  3. I'm a sucker for taking photos of palm trees and ferris wheels so naturally, I love these! I haven't gone to a fair before in my almost 22 years of existence so I really should make a plan about that!

  4. Helen was totally trying to get at me the first time we went to the fairplex with a turkey leg!


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