Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh, those communication differences

main street, disneyland
Summertide's end has its benefits, one of which is that we are no longer blocked from venturing over to the happiest place on earth! The week we were able to reconvene there, we made a mad dash for the spankin'-new Cars Land, which was still enjoying its robust popularity as the trendiest spot in those parts. Which meant that the new ride, Radiator Springs Racers, entailed a 2 hour wait. Now, I appreciate Disneyland for its ambience - simply eating and moseying about with the husband makes for a lovely evening. The Mister, on the other hand, prefers Disneyland for its rides - the more we can ride, the better the night. Naturally, he was pee-in-his pants excited to go on Radiator Springs Racers. Not enough for us to wait 2 hours though. Then we heard the attendants bellow enticingly, "Single riders line! Only 20 minutes!"

The husband stared at me. I could see the wistfulness in his eyes. "I want to go in the single-rider line," he said.

"Okay," I replied. "I'll wait for you out here."

His face fell. I didn't understand. As one who doesn't care much for the rides, I didn't mind if he wanted to go on it by himself. And as a gal, I would rather sit beside my companion on the ride than ride it by my lonesome.

"I want you to ride with me," he said.

"But we wouldn't be riding together," I replied, confused. "It's a single rider line."

"Yeah, we will. We get to experience it together...just in different cars." he said.

"No," I said. "We would not be experiencing it together. Riding separately is as if we were watching a movie, but we're sitting on opposite ends of the theater."

"Can you just go with me?" he sighed.

I paused. "Okay," I said, a tag begrudgingly.

Perhaps I was a little miffed that he didn't mind that we wouldn't be riding together. As a gal, relational closeness was key. Relational closeness would not be fostered by riding separately.

"I think you're perceiving this situation like a girl. And I'm perceiving this situation like a guy," he said.  As a man, he believed enjoying the same activities equaled bonding.


The 20 minute wait seemed to drag on longer than it ought to.

By the time we inched up to the front of the single-riders line, the attendant motioned to us hurriedly. "Lines 7 and 8!" she barked.

When we got to lines 7 and 8, lo and behold, we ended up right behind one another. Granted, we didn't sit next to each other. But we were in the same car. I couldn't help but laugh at my silliness and how I made the trivial situation a bigger deal than it had to be. God is so funny and good in rebuking me of my selfishness and not looking out for the husband's interests.

Oh, and the ride was exhilarating; it absolutely exceeded my expectations. "Thank you for convincing me go on the ride with you," I grinned at the husband when it was over. "Let's go on it again!"


  1. hehe so cute!! this post made me smile :)

  2. oh you and the mister...

    i had a dream about you two last night! but i can't quite remember what it was about... in any case, i woke up happy so that must have been a good dream!

  3. aha! that's so cute. I've had those moments. My husband always ask for me to go to like Home depot with him, and I'm like.. "why??" and he will say something like "I just want to hang out with you" So then I have to go. lol. We've actually had some good times a Home depot. haha.
    ah that's marriage!

  4. awwww, i miss you too helen! I am thinking of visiting my parents soon, and hopefully if you are free, we can stop by for sunday snack :P, I'll email you to work out details!

    hahaha, taylor and I totally have moments like this too! especially when it comes to watching/ going to football games that bore me to death. but I always end up having a good time and love seeing him doing something he enjoys so much.


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