Thursday, October 4, 2012

Strolls through the historic hub

morningtime in dtown la
lamp post
walking down olden streets
There is something fascinating about strolling down the historic core of the city with a sweet friend in the morning before the sun approaches its full height in the sky. Though I was born, raised, and have resided in both the city and the suburbs of Los Angeles throughout my life, downtown has never been my favorite place. I must admit, the urban hub is growing on me. There is so much character, and so much flurry. Granted, not a day transpires when there isn't maddening traffic particularly during rush hour, congested thoroughfares due so some protest or another, or some film shoot occurring that causes pedestrian and automobile rubbernecking. But that speaks to the area's cultural vitality, along with renowned eateries, and recreation housed in diverse architecture that spans centuries. Prominent skyscrapers of sleek steel and glass protrude into the sky, amidst buildings of creative shapes and textured materials like the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I am attracted to the neighborhood's Golden Age architecture most, especially the grand Victorian and Beaux Arts hotels of the early 20th century, which exude a romantic nostalgia. As I amble through the streets, I can't help but to imagine the centuries of history the dilapidated streets have undergone. A friend once told me about these walking tours that grant historical insight into downtown via its architectural gems. I am a nerd about these kinds of things; it would be so fun to do one of those sometime.


  1. I love walking tours :) You really discover a place more intimately when you're on foot.

  2. I really do need to make my way to LA. I think walking tours are great! Granted I'm a history fanatic, anything old and foreign excites me.

  3. I've been scrolling through your blog today and oogling all your photos, which should actually be hanging in a gallery somewhere! Please tell me how you edit them. They always look so fresh and makes me so happy!


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