Thursday, June 27, 2013

His island birthday adventure

alex's birthday tickets to catalina island
alex reading his leaves of encouragement
catalina island 2
avalon 2
avalon residences
snorkeling at catalina island
lovers cove
alex getting ready to snorkel
alex snorkeling
alex waving from catalina island
catalina island 1
parasailing in the sky
catalina islander
mosaics and brick benches
mosaics and hotel on the street
clam chowder
avalon 1
staring out to sea
6 months pregnant
lover's cove
avalon's square
lloyd's ice cream
flora at sea
AH catalina island
The husband had never set foot upon Catalina Island, and they were offering a complimentary roundtrip boat ride for this year's birthday celebrants, so it was a day-long adventure we could not pass up. He commenced his birthday perusing "leaves of encouragement" from dear loved ones on the boat ride there, and then had a bona fide blast snorkeling the lush underwater forests at Lovers Cove, while I hovered by the pebbly sidelines and snapped pictures because swimming is not in my repertoire (I nearly drowned trying to learn how to snorkel in 2 feet deep water during our honeymoon). This may perhaps be foreshadowing of my role to come as a mama while this little miss in my belly frolics in the sea with her papa. By the way, I am 6 months along, and my belly most definitely popped out this month!


  1. This is so sweet. I've been once, but I'd love to take my husband for the day! Your bump is looking so, so cute!

  2. catalina is our favorite place!! We went camping there for my husbands birthday a couple of years back! looks like you had a lovely time! love the baby bump :)

  3. Catalina was so fun! Best birthday ever!

  4. Awe. You can really see your bump now. Awwww.
    Sarah (fromsarahscamera) is pregnant too btw. Just thought I would you know. Haha.

  5. Helen! You are looking so lovely. I love the belly, so sweet. I grew up in Los Angeles and never went to the island. I will get there someday. I know it!!!! Love, love, love,


    I always get lost in your pictures. I looooove them. :)

  6. lovely bump! and beautiful pictures. looks like you had such a lovely time!

  7. you two are so cute and this day looks perfect!

  8. Hi Helen! I was wondering why Alex was the only one snorkeling, then I remembered our marvelous high-five at TMS banquet when we discovered that we both could not swim. Micah is determined to teach me (and I quote) "since we're going to Hawaii for our honeymoon" but I keep telling him that plenty of wives have survived & enjoyed it without learning, haha! ;) Also, praise the Lord for your growing family!! :) Hope we can connect soon!

  9. These pictures are just sparkling with celebration! What a beautiful way to celebrate the life of your man! How do you find the cutest cards? Do you make all those? Just love the style, your amazing!

  10. These photos are stunning. My parents went to Catalina Island when I was younger for a jazz festival and they haven't stopped talking about it since! I can see why!

  11. I see the belly now :) Ahhh, these photos are just absolutely GORGEOUS! The clear blue skies and seas... and the two of you with your baby bump. God's creations are so beautiful, aren't they!? You are radiant, Helen!

  12. This looks like such a good time. I love day trips :-) Praying for your little one!!

  13. My friend, your belly is THE CUTEST EVER!! You are so stunning! And these photos, I am in awe of your skills. Happy birthday to your hubs!!

  14. helen melon you are the cutest baby momma! and happy belated birthday to the mister!


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