Monday, October 5, 2015

Letters to Valor: 5 months

valor zeal at 5 months
My dear Valor Zeal,

You turned five months yesterday! Every month with you gets better. This is my favorite month yet, although I may be saying that in the months to follow. On September 7th, you laughed for the first time. We were floored with delight. Baby laughter is one of the best sounds to grace our ears, but we're sure you have the cutest laugh of them all. We'll pretty much do anything to hear it, including tickling you in the stomach and blowing raspberries in your neck. You're a social babe, so you love human interaction, period. You grin and wiggle your body in pure happiness whenever you see me, even if I am far across the room. You're even more giddy when I exchange smiles with you. In fact, you engage in cooing conversations and will smile widely at anyone who bestows a smile upon you. You break out into the goofiest, drooly grin when we kiss you on your cheeks, lips, or belly. You love kisses. You love when we sing our Valor Zeal song to you. You are so easy to please.

Although you prefer to be in people's presence, you're content to play with your gym while I'm puttering around the house or tending to your big sister. You grab objects deftly. Especially your toes. Those are your favorite to grab this month as you lay on your back or sit in the car seat. You can sit up on your own unsupported for a few seconds before slouching over. You rolled over from back to tummy once. You love sitting, and standing as well. You gaze wide-eyed at your surroundings from those perspectives. You also stare at your big sister with fascination. She is a ball of energy; she never ceases to make you smile as she doles out her affections on you, or sings and dances around you.

You're learning to comfort yourself, which is so helpful. You find comfort in rubbing a swaddling blanket in your face before falling asleep. You also suck on your index and middle fingers for comfort. You cry mostly when you're hungry or tired. Even then, your cry is relatively soft and raspy. Your daddy and I think you might develop a raspy voice. When your need for food or sleep is not yet met, you arch your body in anger and wail. You also arch your body and whine when you want to be picked up. Whenever I hold you, a deep sense of warmth and peace envelopes us. Your baby body snuggles and contours so well into mine, especially when you're in the sling or wrap. You always eventually doze off for a nap; my heart swells to hold you close and breathe in your yummy baby smell as you sleep with your mouth open. You are so, so sweet and I love having a little boy. Sometimes I look at you as you sleep peacefully and I can't believe I get to to be your mama. Your daddy and I tell each other every day how sweet you are. We adore you. We are so excited to witness you grow up. What a privilege to be able to do so.

Love you so,

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