Friday, December 4, 2015

Letters to Valor: 7 months

valor zeal at 7 months
My dear Valor Zeal,

Seven months! How did we get here so quickly, my sweet baby? This month was replete with milestones revolving around food, sleep, and mobility. You started off the month with your first solids: zucchini. To say you loved it is an understatement. You scarfed down almost two ounces that night for dinner. You grabbed at the spoon every time it was on its way to your mouth, gripped with all your might as if to feed yourself, and whined as if you were not fed quickly enough. Since then, you've also eaten butternut squash, carrots, avocados, and a bit of apples and pears (because I thought you were constipated), all with absolute gusto. You are a veritable fan of food in general, though you don't love the high chair; you'd rather sit on my lap as you eat, perhaps because you want to be as close to your mama as possible. Therefore, it's no surprise you prefer nursing above all.

You're finally sleeping consistently longer stretches at night this month, for which we are more thankful than you can fathom. Though you had been able to fall asleep on your own during naptimes and bedtime, you still had to learn to soothe yourself back to sleep when you woke up in the middle of the night. So we moved you into the same room as your big sister. On the first night, you woke after 4 hours. On the second night, you woke after 4 hours and cried for 2 hours before falling asleep again. On the third night, you cried an hour before sleeping until 5am. On the fourth night, you slept 9 hours straight from 8:30pm-5am. Since then, you've been consistently sleeping 8-9 hours before waking up to nurse between 4-6am, and then sleeping another 2-3 hours before getting up for the day. Twice, you slept 10.5 hours straight. I was apprehensive about room-sharing, but it has worked out wonderfully so far. Occupying the same space seems to comfort both you and your sister as she transitions to her big girl bed and you to your crib.

You also share bath time with your sister in the big tub now that you're sitting up well unsupported, which is always an endearing sight for your daddy and me to behold. In addition to sitting up well unsupported, you roll around and scoot everywhere on your tummy as your primary means of transportation. You lurch into crawling position at times, so you may be on your way there soon. You adore standing supported. You grab anything within reach to explore with your mouth. You play contentedly on your own and in your sister's exuberant company, but you're happiest in your mama's presence. You throw your head back in glee and break out into the hugest smile. You bite your bottom lip and coo through closed lips. You cup our faces with both hands. You love being tickled and kissed. I shower you with tons of kisses, which never fails to make you grin widely. You observe the world with the most thoughtful gaze, furrowed eyebrows and all. People often comment on how chill you are. The rare times they hear you cry, they remark it is the first time they've heard you do so. Oh, my sweet baby, we love you so. You are such a joy to our family. We enjoy you so much. God is good to us through you.

Love you so,

P.S. Valor Zeal at 012345, and 6 months. Plus, his birth story.

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